Zac Shiffer "Renascentia"

Zac Shiffer "Renascentia"

Zac Shiffer
Mixed media on panel

Zac is a graphic Designer with Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery in NYC. From an early age, he was always interested in creating, whether it meant drawing with crayons and markers or putting together elaborate battle scenes with his toy figures. For as long he I can remember, his life has been a path to discover his connection to the universe. He has attempted to merge his art with magical study and ritual, upon the realization that the two are more connected than one might think from a surface level. The vein of both being a manifestation of ideas, vision and will into the world.

His work searches for beauty and ugliness through the light and darkness within the conflicting emotions and rawness that resides within the human experience. Beneath layers of symbolism, lies a deeper and more complex perspective of life, death and rebirth.

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