“Underlying Issues” Lara Lenhoff

“Underlying Issues” Lara Lenhoff


Lara Lenhoff (Nashville, TN)

“Underlying Issues”

Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 24 in     



This piece explores the isolation and struggles in a changing world that no longer seems to make sense, while trying to adapt and put the pieces together and taking things as they come, one day at a time. We feel misunderstood so much more than ever before and the loneliness can be consuming and overwhelming. There is a longing for strong connections, but it seems almost impossible to form them. The piece won 2nd Place in an international abstract painting contest.

  • Artist Information

    Lara Lenhoff is an abstract painter originally from Cape Town, South Africa. The energy that influences her to create what she does visually is inspired by the music she is listening to, which contributes to the release of emotions and color palette she utilizes. Her work reflects the many layers that we have individuals; all with brilliant flaws, faults, and cracks. Like architectural structures we have a foundation, and we are capable of being broken. With hope, inner strength, and perseverance, we can rise above the chaos in the world surrounding us externally as well as internally.