Tammy Mae Moon  "The Moon"

Tammy Mae Moon "The Moon"

Tammy Mae Moon 
The Moon
acrylic and wax pastel on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

Inquiries may be directed to nikki@corvidaecollective.net

XVIII. The Moon: The Moon card is exciting and fascinating. As you revisit the world under is strange silver moonlight, your eyes have to readjust in the card’s unusual dream-like setting. In the traditional Moon card, the two towers that were present in the Death card reappear, though here they are closer, with a path that goes between them into an unknown realm. Some believe the towers represent the pillars of Hercules, which in myth led to the utopian isle of Atlantis. The Moon card is a space of deep meditation, where the world of reality melts away into imagination, the otherworld, and deeply personal experiences that reveal hidden motivations and feelings. The Moon asks you to return to intuition as a guiding force if you are feeling confused or hesitant about take a shadowy path into peculiar places. Take this opportunity to nurture your soulful sensitivities and honor the curious and sensual messages in your dreams. Here is a space within a ritual circle, after the circle is drawn, where you can converse with the subconscious and explore your desires. Meanings: magic, psychic abilities, imagination, drifting, intuition, meditation, deception, ebb and flow of emotions, exploring the less understood, shadow self.
- Kiki Dombrowski (http://www.kikidombrowski.com/)