Tammy Mae Moon "Solstice"

Tammy Mae Moon "Solstice"

Tammy Mae Moon
9x12 inches framed to 11x14.
Soft pastel and pencil on Pastelmat

In Celtic lore it is believed that at each solstice the Holly King and the Oak King battle. The winner receives the favor of the goddess and his power will increase until the next solstice where it peaks and then wanes. The Holly King represents Winter and the time of going within. He is passive, contemplative energy. The Oak King is the energy of Summer and represents active energy. The goddess is the pure creative force. At the Winter Solstice the Oak King defeats the Holly King and gains the favor of the Spring goddess, the May Queen. This symbolizes our own archetypal battle that occurs within us. To bring forth the creative principle we have to balance the forces of active and passive energies. We have to know when to rest and know when to be active; when to create and when to observe.

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