Tammy Mae Moon "Samhain"

Tammy Mae Moon "Samhain"

Tammy Mae Moon
acrylic and soft pastel on Pastel Premiere paper
12x16 (framed to 16x20)

"To the ancients Samhain was a time to honor the ancestors who came before them, and a time of marking the dark time of the year. It's when they would try to contact the spirit world because it was believed to be a time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest.
It is the last harvest and then everything dies or becomes still. It is when we too can begin to become still and go deep within ourselves to look for knowledge and creativity.
Large bonfires were lit during Samhain as they symbolize the illumination needed in this darkness. That is why I chose the rune Kenaz for my Samhain maiden. Kenaz represents a torch as a symbol of knowledge and intellect, illumination, searching for enlightenment, shedding light on matters, quest for truth, and creativity. It is the perfect rune to guide one through the dark time.
I also included an owl as owls are a creature of the dark. They have lots of connections with the Otherworld through out many world myths. They are a perfect guide into this time of darkness too. Pumpkins are in the background as they represent one of the last crops to be harvested at this time, and I love the Halloweeny feel they gave this one." - Tammy Mae Moon

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