Tammy Mae Moon "Persephone's Descent" (Mabon)

Tammy Mae Moon "Persephone's Descent" (Mabon)

Tammy Mae Moon
Persephone's Descent (Mabon)
soft pastel and ink on Pastelmat
8.5x11 inch (framed to 11x14)

"Persephone's Descent" "This centers around the Greek myth of Persephone. I am sure most of you know the myth, at the Autumn Equinox Persephone begins her descent into the Underworld. At this time her mother Demeter begins to make all the vegetation die or hibernate until Persephone is allowed to return at the Spring Equinox. Persephone is guided into the Underworld by a wren. Wrens are thought of as a magical Otherworldly bird by many ancient peoples. The Romani gypsies called the wren "chorihani" which means something like little witch or witch-bird" - Tammy Mae Moon

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