Tammy Mae Moon "Mabon"

Tammy Mae Moon "Mabon"

Tammy Mae Moon
acrylic and soft pastel on Pastel Premiere paper
12x16 (framed to 16x20)

Moon says about her piece: "And my last piece is another one celebrating Mabon or the Autumn Equinox. I was born about a week after the Autumn Equinox and it always has felt like home to me. I love the sense of balance in the weather and in the air at this time of year. My Mabon piece joins "Ceres" and "Samhain" as one of my Harvest maidens. They represent the 3 great yearly Harvest festivals. This maiden has equal parts of day and night behind her to represent the balance of light at the Equinox. Two ravens are together on the night side representing that the journey ahead is into the darkness. She wears the Nordic rune Gebo which represents spiritual gifts and balance."

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