Symantha Jones "XII"  (Hanged Man)

Symantha Jones "XII" (Hanged Man)

Symantha Jones
(Hanged Man)
Acrylic and metal leaf on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

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XII. The Hanged Man: The Hanged Man represents the dying/resurrected God. Many reflect on the story of Odin hanging from Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life, when looking at the Hanged Man. Odin hung from Yggdrasil for fourteen days, without food or drink. He suffered, and when he fell from the tree he rose up screaming, having received knowledge of and magic of the runes. This shamanic sacrifice was self imposed: even though Odin suffered, his experience was a deeply mystical one. The Hanged Man’s unusual posture shows how he has an unique perspective of the world. If you turn a traditional Hanged Man card upside you may notice the Hanged Man is in the yogic tree pose, and his expression is a very faint Mona-Lisa-like smile. The Hanged Man represents a sacrifice, a descent into darkness as a means of deepening wisdom. He asks you how comfortable you truly are with yourself and current state of life. It is a card that makes you shed old costumes, no matter challenging it is to do so. Sacrifice is not easy, but it leads to development on the deepest and most mystical of levels. In the darkest of times you discover what you are made of. Common meanings: change in perspective, sacrifice, compromise, re-examination of values, removal of shallowness, insight, rite of passage, shamanic experience, surrender, pause, visions.