Sophia Gordon "The Farm"

Sophia Gordon "The Farm"

Sophia Gordon
The Farm 
Acrylic on wood cradled canvases

Artist Statement/Piece Description:

Fairy tales, urban legends, and mythology have all morphed and changed as they are carried on through new voices and visions. Drawing inspiration from George Orwell's Animal Farm and Pink Floyd's Animals, I created a triptych exploring the source material and the music inspired by it. My own interpretation of both text and music shows a progression of ideas and images as they trickle down a line of storytellers. This triptych captures a small piece of that.

Artist Bio:
Sophia Gordon, though firstly a painter, is always searching to broaden her palette; experimenting with an ever growing set of materials and forms to find new ways to tell stories and share ideas. Starting at an early age, her paintings and illustrations share the unique and whimsical visions of artists such as Terry Gilliam, Ralph Steadman, and Stephen Gammell. Her work showcases imagery of a surreal and dark nature while often evoking a sense of comfort and fun. As well as painting and drawing, Sophia's practice encompasses the world of installation, live and video art. These works primarily focus on the concepts and consequences of virtual reality.

Sophia graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Film and Television Production. There she developed a passion for short narrative filmmaking. With an aim to tell simplistic, yet meaningful stories using minimal dialog and highly stylized visuals, her work is influenced by the early German expressionists as well as the work of Andrei Tarkovsky.

Now working in Nashville, TN, Sophia has begun collaborating with musicians, working to enhance their visual presence onstage through the incorporation of her installation and video expertise. She is also the co-founder of performance art duo, RabbitxRabbit.