Scott Kirschner "The Tower"

Scott Kirschner "The Tower"

Scott Kirschner
The Tower
14” x 18”

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XVI. The Tower: The traditional Tower card depicts the most violent scene in the Major Arcana: lightning strikes a tower. Flames billow around the tower and people are seen falling from the high windows. The scene shows destruction and the challenge of this card is that you must now face and explosive, brutal release. When you did not liberate yourself from the binding and toxic situations of the Devil card, the universe took over and cleaned house for you, whether you wanted it or not. Even though this represents a difficult time of chaos and uncertainty, it is necessary and brief. When the warped tower falls you can rebuild with a stronger, more solid foundation. As the Goddess Kali reminds us: the path to creation passes through the realm of destruction. When the Tower arrives in your world, you go through an emotional growth spurt, forever liberated from false promises and illusions. The Tower brings revelation, flashes of enlightenment, and a promise of restructuring and rebuilding after the storm passes. Common meanings: destruction, chaos, challenges, release, shock, revelations, major leaps, shocking and surprising events, breakdowns, removal, new growth, the Big Bang.
- Kiki Dombrowski (

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