“Psychotic Break' Film Still #1” Marisa Companion

“Psychotic Break' Film Still #1” Marisa Companion


Marisa Companion (Dover, NH)

“Psychotic Break' Film Still #1”

12x18 in a 16x24 in frame

Archival inkjet


  • Artist Statement

    Health and gender tropes are major themes in the work I make. My own personal experiences are a driving force into my pursuit of these subjects. Telling narratives about chronic illness, mental health, healing, and gender through art making helps me better understand my own experience as well as others. My intent is to bring a contemporary perspective that creates a dialog centering on empathy and awareness.

    The personal side of the work stemmed from living with a brain tumor, bipolar disorder, and never quite feeling like my gender identity was female or male. These investigations through art making are both insular and outward. Folks within similar spaces as well as myself are often subjects in the work.