Penny Felts "Nina #1"

Penny Felts "Nina #1"

Penny Felts
"Nina #1"
12x12 in a 16x20 frame
Printed on metallic paper
recycled frame

Nina Covington is a Nashville-based artist. Ever since she was a little girl, creating art in different forms was a way for her to escape. She started knitting and crocheting at 5 and would design and create clothing for her dolls using materials she would find around the house destined for the trash. She has always had a great concern for the environment and tries to recycle and reuse as much as she can. She chose to make her skirt from plastic grocery bags because plastic is a huge problem for the environment and she understands the incredible need to reduce the use of it and find ways to reuse or recycle plastics. The bodice is made from coffee filters. Nina has long admired artists who create work exclusively from recycled materials, and because of this, was very excited to participate in this project.

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