Penny Felts "Kara #1"

Penny Felts
"Kara #1"
12x12 in a 16x20 frame
Printed on metallic paper
recycled frame
Kara is an artist who lives and works in Nashville, TN. She makes art in many different forms. Her style can be described as "just do something and see what happens." When she is not modeling, you might find her working on water color paintings in her home studio. She chose to make her dress out of La Croix cans because she found the beverage to be somewhat of a recent industry trend. With many different colors to work with, she created a vintage inspired look that, in the end, turned into the perfect mix of Barbie meets Brady Bunch: Hawaii Bound. Special thanks to Jayne Dixon, Angie Fox and those who forcibly drank La Croix for this cause.

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