Penny Felts "Jennifer #1"

Penny Felts "Jennifer #1"

Penny Felts
"Jennifer #1"
12x12 in a 16x20 frame
Printed on metallic paper
recycled frame
Jennifer Stalvey is a commercial and fine art photographer working in both film and digital formats. She co-owns Modern East Gallery, curating and exhibiting fine art photography in East Nashville.

Jennifer’s dress inspiration emerged when her step-father announced his retirement in May. Remnants of his old TV repair shop needed to be thrown out, including thousands of glass TV tubes. Jennifer’s first job as an young girl had been to sort these very TV tubes. The 6EJ7s were her favorite, with their woven metal mesh and shiny silver tips, and can be found throughout the dress. The process of creating the Rubbish dress, which involved days of cleaning, sorting and working with the same objects Jennifer touched 35 years earlier, created a surprising and joyful connection between her young self and the artist she is today.

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