Nom Kinnear King  "High Priestess"

Nom Kinnear King "High Priestess"

Nom Kinnear King 
High Priestess
Oils on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

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II. The High Priestess: The High Priestess traditionally sits between two columns, representing those which stood at the entrance to the Temple of Solomon. It is night in her world, where mystery, supernature, and inner journeying rule the realm. Behind the Priestess is a veil, separating her visitor from hidden knowledge and divine wisdom. She beckons you, asking you if you are prepared to leave behind the fabricated realities of your mundane existence and pass through the veil into the Otherworld. If you examine the traditional High Priestess card, you may notice that beyond the pomegranate designed tapestry is a simple, yet enchanting view of the vast, wide, and welcoming ocean. The High Priestess asks you to check in with yourself: withdraw from the world of activity and chaos and seek out peace, intuition, and meditation. Welcome omens from divinity, contemplate psychic impressions, and connect with esoteric and feminine spirituality. There is so much potential in your spirit, but it can only be realized through self reflection, turning inwards, ad exploring silence. Common meanings: psychic abilities, meditation, introverted phase, self exploration, occult and esoteric studies, honoring hidden knowledge, connecting with feminine.
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