Nina Covington  "Temperance"

Nina Covington "Temperance"

Nina Covington 
Long Exposure Mixed Media on Pinewood
14” x 18”

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XIV. Temperance: After the passage of Death, Temperance invites in a space of healing, rejuvenation, and alchemical transmutation. The traditional Temperance card shows an angel on the banks of a body of water: she has one foot on the earth, one foot in the water, showing a balance between the watery world of the subconscious and the land of reality. The angel holds two cups, and she pours water from one to the other at an angle that is physically impossible in our world. In this space you are allowed to complete the process of change in a safe and healing space. Here there is no need to make intense decisions, but instead wait calmly for better options to arrive. Temperance asks you to contemplate how you respond to uncomfortable situations. Learning how to take care of your own needs and move forward slowly, will ensure wise choices and healing. It is also a card that reminds you that you have a divine and spiritual support system that you can turn to for unconditional love and guidance. Common meanings: recovery, healing, holistic lifestyle, patience, regeneration, alchemy, angel magic, prayer, moderation, detox.
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