Nina Covington "Am I Pretty Yet?"

Nina Covington "Am I Pretty Yet?"


Nina Covington

"Am I Pretty Yet?"

long exposure photo on canvas/acrylics/wax

20 x 30 in

Am I pretty yet?

Has all this makeup hidden

how ugly I feel inside?

Does this shade of lipstick distract

and keep the sadness from seeping from my lips?

Maybe if i put on enough

the color will infuse my soul

  • About the Artist:

    Nina Covington is a Nashville based artist, activist, and provocateur. She has always known that it was her job to tell stories. She started out as a model who told stories in front of the camera of others. A pivotal moment came when Nina realized she can only tell half of the story as a model; the other half is always told by the photographer. Nina began wanting more control, so she began taking self-portraits which eventually led her to photograph other people. In all of Nina’s work, she gets down to basics. Her images are stripped down, honest and dark. From her fine art equestrian photography to her long exposures, she plays in the shadows. Nina’s work is cohesive, as each detail in the execution of her photographs adds to the story she’s telling. Most importantly, she uses her work to give voice to those who step in front of her camera and bring to light social issues and injustices.