Michael Armenia "The Fool"

Michael Armenia "The Fool"

Michael Armenia
The Fool
Mixed Media on cradled birch panel
14” x 18"

Inquiries may be directed to nikki@corvidaecollective.net
0. The Fool: The Fool dances on the cliffside, happily dangling his toes over the edge, wandering away from routine and security. He is ready to leap into the unknown, anticipating adventure and forever faithful that where he lands he will land on his two feet. As the mythological trickster, the Fool teaches you that life is a continual dance of experience. He initiates you on the path of exploration, begging you to have faith, follow your heart, and take that leap into the great unknown. Common symbols on the traditional Fool card include the cliff, which the novice Fool jumps off of but the master Fool goes to for meditation. The white rose symbolizes innocence as the Fool reminds you to be playful, curious, and pure in heart and intention. Common meanings: travel, adventure, play, taking risks, being honest, having faith, outward journeys to gain perspective, following your heart, new opportunities, beginnings, being a student, chances.
- Kiki Dombrowski (http://www.kikidombrowski.com/)

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