Mario Devcic "You arrived!"

Mario Devcic "You arrived!"


Mario Devcic 

"You arrived!"

46cm x 21cm x 21cm

Air dry clay, wire, metal, wood, epoxy resin

  • Artist Information


    Mario Devcic is a surreal sculptor born and raised in Croatia during the greatest turmoil in the Balkans. He poured his state of mind into his sculptures as an only escape from a terrifying reality and consequences of war. 

    Woven from primordial materials, such as wood and clay, in a combination with modern materials such as metal and plastic, sculptures are expressing raw and basic impulses, fears and desires. Created in a mixed media technique, they remind the audience, and the author himself, that life consists of many events and feelings that create the wholeness and the experience of an individual at the same time. The modern materials describe a modern man who is at his core, unfortunately, remained unchanged since the beginnings. The open mouth in almost every piece talk about hunger, though not the physical one, rather an anguish that consumes and destroy his and everyone else’s humanity. Even though they seem pessimistic, they are actually very optimistic as they represent soul-healing process for this artist.