Marilyn Garrett "Blue"

Marilyn Garrett "Blue"


Marilyn Garrett


acrylic on canvas

16x20 in

  • About the Artist:

    Marilyn Garrett, known as Marilyn g art, is a pop surreal portrait artist. Known as the finger painter, due to her technique of only using her fingers when she paints, Marilyn has been a painter her whole life but three years ago made the decision to pursue a career in visual art professionally. Marilyn has participated in several group shows and solo shows. She’s been featured on a music video by the group Nordic fire and has done album art and poster designs for Olivia jean, third man records( jack white’s record label), babes in toyland, Jon Caruso, Jade May Jean of the voice UK and Cindy Wilson of the b-52’s. Marilyn has been a featured artist on 33/40new here locally in her hometown of Birmingham, AL, interviewed twice on “Vulcan has a fade” podcast, featured in several online art magazines and has a four page spread in propulsion magazine. Some other projects include the Dark art tarot, that will be out this year, and a promotional video, highlighting her finger painting technique. She also does live tutorials on her site to teach other artist her techniques with proceeds benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s hospital.