Mani Price "The Devil"

Mani Price "The Devil"

Mani Price
The Devil
Oil on birch panel

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XV. The Devil: You have left behind the security blanket of Temperance and now must face the demons in your life with the Devil card. In the traditional Devil card, he holds a wand like the Magician, but instead he points it towards the ground, show the worship of the material over the spiritual. The two naked figures from the Lovers return, though now they are chained to the Devil. The lesson in this card, however, is that the chains around the Lovers’ necks are illusions: they hang loosely and could easily be removed. The Devil represents the illusion of materialism: the false fulfillment of drugs, sex, wild inhibition, and instant gratification. It asks you to examine your addictions and flaws, as they are impacting your abilities to see the bigger picture. The Devil can be indicative of a dangerous relationship where someone is manipulated under the control of a narcissist. The Devil can also indicate feeling a loss of control over your own well being. Only through own self examination, actions, and reclamations, can you liberate yourself from despair and empty satisfaction. Common meanings: illusion, hedonism, addiction, temptation, taboo, deception, restrictions, obsession, co-dependency, materialism, control, narcissism, abuse, cruelty, infidelity, submission.
- Kiki Dombrowski (

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