Lisa Eisenga "The World"

Lisa Eisenga "The World"

Lisa Eisenga
The World
Acrylic on Wood Panel
14” x 18”

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XXI. The World: We complete the Fool’s Journey with the World card. In the traditional card an oval wreath of victory, symbolic of the Cosmic Egg. The colorful card represents completion, achievement, bliss, and that all things are moving along as expected. Fulfillment is found in the World. It is well deserved after self examination, hard work, determination, sacrifice, focus, and the effort necessary to realize your potential. The figure in the traditional World card represents Shiva, the Cosmic Dancer. You have gone full circle, as the Fool was innocently dancing along, the World dances in the pleasure of immersion and knowing. And, as is the nature with cosmic cycles, you will happily dance back into the position of the Fool, joyously understanding that pleasure and creation come from exploration and life lessons. But for now, you are in the space of the “most benevolent outcome.” Celebrate you. Love life and life will love you back. Common meanings: grand finale, closure, success, accomplishments, end of a chapter, ecstasy, reward, wholeness, happy ending.
- Kiki Dombrowski (

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