Lisa Eisenga "The Enduring Wait"

Lisa Eisenga "The Enduring Wait"

Lisa Eisenga
The Enduring Wait
Acrylic & Ink on Canvas
16"wide x 20"tall x 3"deep (gallery wrap)
Part of a new "Oddity Exhibition" series of work, this piece depicts a lone, unwavering bird-like figure, waiting endlessly for a companion long since lost.

Lisa Eisenga emerged from Pontiac, Michigan on May 25th, 1984. Among the rocky caverns and hidden springs of Nashville, Tennessee, Lisa creates whimsical, surreal and offbeat paintings and illustrations which escape from her strange mind and spill onto and commandeer their desired medium. Inspired by fanciful and macabre poetry, music, and literature, her work cleverly plays with the written word, and often approaches macabre concepts in a symbolic, light-hearted way.

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