Lea Barozzi "Fortune" (Wheel of Fortune)

Lea Barozzi "Fortune" (Wheel of Fortune)

Lea Barozzi
Fortune (Wheel of Fortune)
Oil on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

Inquiries may be directed to nikki@corvidaecollective.net

X. Wheel of Fortune: The Wheel of Fortune’s meaning is as curious as all of the many symbols traditionally found in the card. The Roman letters “TARO” are an anagram, ultimately revealing the message, “The Wheel of Tarot speaks the Law of Life.” The sphinx also returns, as he was seen in the High Priestess and Chariot cards showing ancient magic, wisdom, and equilibrium. The Wheel of Fortune spins, and our fates feel the rise and fall of patterns and lessons. The Wheel turns and changes occur, the natural course of evolution flows forward, the seasons pass, as all things must do. The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that some things feel destined, and you must go along for the ride. You cannot rationally predict the outcome of all events, nor can you control the Karmic cycles of nature. The best you can do is show respect to fate, accept opportunities when they arise, and take a deep breath to feel the motion of the wheels in your own body. Common meanings: fortune, luck, opportunity, favorable events, cycles, Karma, destiny, expansion, revolution, shift, going with the flow, letting go, ready for something new.
- Kiki Dombrowski (http://www.kikidombrowski.com/)

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