Laurie McClave  "The Empress"

Laurie McClave "The Empress"

Laurie McClave 
The Empress
Oil on cradled hardwood
14” x 18”

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III. The Empress: The Empress embodies the motherly archetype. She is a symbol of beauty, fertility, expression, and nurturing. In the traditional Empress card, she is seated on a throne in a garden, some believing she sits at the entrance of Eden. In many depictions of the Empress, she has a shield with the symbol of Venus resting by her, connecting her to the Queens of Heaven: goddesses Astarte, Inanna, Venus, and Aphrodite. She takes the inward wisdom associated with the High Priestess and shares it with the world through her own unique and beautiful form of artistic creativity. Being a symbol of fertility, she asks you to do what you are passionate about, following through until you have a completed successful result. As a mother, she asks you to practice compassion and forgiveness with those around you and yourself. As a loving and nurturing goddess she asks you to take pleasure in your own beauty, exploring what makes you feel good. Common meanings: motherhood, artistic projects, empowerment, comfort, beauty, grace, compassion, sensuality, nature, selflessness, elegance, desire, abundance.
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