Kevin A Taubman "The Chariot"

Kevin A Taubman "The Chariot"

Kevin A Taubman
The Chariot
White and Black Charcoal on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

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VII. The Chariot: The Chariot is a powerful symbol of momentum, victory, and empowerment. Symbols from the previous cards reappear in traditional depictions of the Chariot: the Magicians wand for directing energy, the Veil between the worlds that sits behind the High Priestess, the green earth from the Empress, and the City of the Emperor are all present. In the traditional depiction of the card, the chariot is being drawn by two horses or two sphinxes, one black, one white. The Chariot card shows a driver enjoying success after hard work. He reminds you to sit in the driver’s seat, not the passenger seat, being the navigator who directs the path of your own journey. He reminds you to stay on target, and being a bit like a coach, he tells you to keep going. He is an encouraging symbol of progress, willpower, and conquest. As a card showing a vehicle, it could represent travel, perhaps moving to seek out a new perspective. Common meanings: admiration, victory, empowerment, control, moving forward, travel, focused energy needed, quests, direction, commitment, confidence, enthusiasm, bravery, triumph.
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