Karen Short "My hopes have Flown Before"

Karen Short "My hopes have Flown Before"

Karen Short
My hopes have Flown Before
Graphite, charcoal, acrylic and ink wash on paper
6.75"w x 9"h
“My heart wants roots My mind wants wings. I cannot bear Their bickerings.”- E.Y. Harburg

Concept: Each of these pieces were recently created for my solo exhibition "Roost", and each drawing is a meditation on the history I personally have with Tennessee as "home". The series as a whole enabled me to investigate the confusing feelings I associate with my small town upbringing, such as the desire for escape contrasted by the urge to “belong”. The use of a bird’s nest came to symbolize both my “conceptual” home—a state of mind woven together from a jumble of thoughts and memories—and with the notion of “home” as a physical place. Home remains a vague, undefined place for me; but these meditations have helped me realize how fundamental my small town upbringing is to the person I am today. In a way, they are "offerings" to my childhood - and a way of honoring where I come from.

Technical: These small studies are the origin for my much larger works - they allow me to quickly record and convey ideas, emotions and memories that I want to more fully explore and develop at a later time.

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