Jason Hargrove "Bound to Your Environment"

Jason Hargrove "Bound to Your Environment"

acrylic paint, spray paint, stencils, torn and pasted paper
3' x 4'

Artist Statement:
No matter the precautions taken with nuclear material, contamination events have occurred. Contaminates have spread throughout the country from nuclear and chemical plants. When plants shutdown, the lingering material created is never fully cleaned up, and then gets passed on to the next generation. Being a Cascade Operator at a nuclear enrichment plant near shutdown in West Paducah Kentucky, and hearing stories from older people who have worked at the plant, motivated me to create images that portray situations of Radiological Workers and toxic environments. I’m intrigued by the risks people take with their health. I’m interested in the reasons behind workers placing their selves in dangerous situations, and the lengths some will go in order to protect income, family, and lifestyle. The secrecy surrounding nuclear sites, and public perception, factor into my fascination. Plants shut down, workers lose their jobs, companies leave, the money leaves, and the contamination stays behind. The use of yellow and magenta in my work are colors found on radiation warning signs. I make my collages on canvas using screen prints, vinyl film in the form of stickers, stencils, and spray paint. The same materials are used when installing large stickers and posters in the pubic environment. Bringing awareness, sparking concern, and leading people to inquire about their surroundings.

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