Evgeniya Golik "Fallen  Star"

Evgeniya Golik "Fallen Star"

Evgeniya Golik (San Diego, CA)
Fallen Star

Mixed media (airbrush, pastel, oil base markers, acrylic ink)on canvas.

Goddess of the night. She carries the secret of her exile from a heaven.
30 x24

Artist Bio:
Russian born artist Evgeniya Golik (aka Evgola) creates art inspired by surreal fantasies, fairytales and dreams in a variety of mediums.
After graduating Art School and earning her degree in Design and Architecture at Far Eastern State Technical University in Vladivostok, Russia, she has since been working in art and design industry for the past 13 years.
Although her main focus is fantasy illustrations and portraits in surrealistic manner.
Through her paintings, primarily done in oil, Evgola combines real world portraiture with imaginative narratives to highlight and reveal her subject's personalities.
Evgeniya Golik lives and works in San Diego, CA since 2005. Her dreamy art work have been shown in various Galleries between San Diego and Los Angeles.