Ella Beyer "A Fracture In Time"

Ella Beyer "A Fracture In Time"

Ella Beyer (Valparaiso, FL)
A Fracture In Time
Oil colors on Arches oil paper
12x12 inches
All things in the known universe move from order to chaos. There is still so much about our universe that science cannot yet explain; The nature of space and time, is still being debated and argued over, and who knows if we will ever truly understand how the universe works. The ultimate nature of the world is still a mystery.

Ella Beyer was born in Portland, Oregon and was encouraged from a young age to spend as much time as she wanted day dreaming, drawing, and writing lots of terrible (but very imaginative) poetry. After she sold her first painting in 2011, she began to seriously pursue her career as an artist. Once she began working with oils she found her passion for portrait painting, and began to explore how to convey certain feelings and ideas using the faces of her subjects. Her art is ultimately about exploring the lines between reality and the imaginary.

Ella prefers the world of books and daydreams to reality, and draws inspiration from surrealistic art, spending time in nature, and reading copious amounts of comic books, fantasy, and science fiction literature.

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