Curt Harbits "In The Covenant of The Light"

Curt Harbits
"In The Covenant of The Light"
Graphite and charcoal on Stonehenge paper
8" x 10" , 15" x 18" framed

Curt's artwork reflects this whole sub-pop, lowbrow, post – good aesthetic. At first, painting was my release, but, soon I started to dig in to graphite and found my muse…

He spent his youth attending The Baum School of Art. Living on a diet of B-rate horror films, Marvel comics, and heavy metal. Upon graduating high school, went to community college to study commercial design. It was not until his 20's that I discovered the world of fine art. Hungry, he dove into the works of Van Gogh, Picasso, and Dali. Spending all his spare cash amassing a large art history library. Studying past masters' technique and composition, all the while learning to create his own style.

This piece is based on the subjugation of Roman pagan beliefs by early Christians, who needed to borrow celebrations/rites from the Pagans, in order to increase their fold.

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