Cassie Meder "The Triumphant"

Cassie Meder "The Triumphant"

.3 mm pencil on cold press watercolor paper in vintage frame
4 inches x 3 inches
5.75 inches x 4.75 inches

"The Triumphant", seen as a serpent pierced by a scepter, expresses the symbolic ongoing battle of evil imposing over good, and good stamping out evil.

Cassie Meder is a model, filmmaker, and illustrator from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Cassie obtained her knowledge and craft through eight years self discipline and study; she has never been formally trained.

Her illustration and film work lend to her background in the fashion industry aesthetically, although the inspiration behind her work contrast with nearly the opposite - lying heavily within the religious and philosophical questions of purity and evil. With a natural inclination toward the macabre since childhood, she challenges the adopted norms for pleasing aesthetics and unattractiveness, good and bad, asking the viewer to seek out the beauty of suffering in sacrifice, and to question the shallowness in earthly beauty.

Cassie has embarked on her adventures almost entirely single-handedly, but her lifelong creative support from family and friends and the unprecedented encouragement of her husband are responsible for where she is in her journey today.