Brynn Elizabeth "The Hermit"

Brynn Elizabeth "The Hermit"

Brynn Elizabeth
The Hermit
Oil and acrylic on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

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IX. The Hermit: The Hermit is a favorite card for occultists and magicians. He is a shaman, a bohemian, a Christ-like figure, a Merlin-like advisor, and the archetype of the wise old man. He has retreated to the wilderness to connect with Great Spirit. In his solitude he seeks the meaning of life and the presence of divinity. In traditional Hermit cards, he is usually carrying a lantern, a guiding light of hope in times of darkness. He is on a quest of enlightenment, and he asks you to pause from the world to discover Great Spirit and your eternal universe. Through silence and solitude there is clarity, self development, and a direct connection to divinity. Your soulmate right now is you: honor your own growth and progress by studying the deepest of subjects and reflecting on them quietly. Seek out spiritual teachers, whether human, animal, or in spirit form. The path of the engaged yogi is one of detachment from the material world. Follow the light. Common meanings: study of philosophy and religion, seeking spiritual guides, quiet, solitude, reflection, withdraw, retreat, wisdom, taking care of yourself, meditation, prudence, wisdom, removal of material desires.
- Kiki Dombrowski (

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