Billy Martinez "Catherine"

Billy Martinez "Catherine"

Billy Martinez

Billy Martinez was raised with a daily dose of comic books and Sunday funnies that friends and family supplied him with all through his years as a youngling. He began his professional career at the age of 20 to supply pages for The Rockin' Roller Miner Ants a titled that featured guest appearances by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Soon after in the fall of 1993 Billy was signed on to create and draw his cult classic tale, which is known as Wildflower.

With the success of his flagship title, Billy decided to branch off and create freelance work for companies such as Peregrine Entertainment, Heavy Metal Magazine and Image Comics. 1997 marked the year he created his publishing company Neko Press and introduced some of the best esoteric comic book titles by top notch artist and writers in the industry. He later became a regular artist for Heavy Metal Magazine and was hired to do work on The Family Guy and Hellboy trading cards for Inkworks.

Billy has released over 45 titles under the Neko Press imprint. Top selling titles include- The Deepest Dark, Kickass Girl and his popular how to draw titles- In Your Face and Body Movin.'

Summer of 1998 began Billy's live art career which later opened many doors into the fine art world. Good friend and professional artist Jim Mahfood convinced Billy to bring his art live on stage, which consisted of painting 4 to 6 paintings simultaneously with music. What started out on the streets of downtown San Diego later began to catch on into such clubs as The Honey Beehive and the Hard Rock Hotel and the top San Diego hot spot The Stingaree Night Club.

In 2014, 17 years to the date of opening his popular art school in San Diego, Billy made the decision to close down shop and relocate his talents to Nashville Tennessee ‘Music City’ and be amongst the second foundation in his life that inspires him, Music. You can catch Billy on his live art tour throughout the country at vario