Bella Harris  "The Lovers"

Bella Harris "The Lovers"

Bella Harris 
The Lovers
Charcoal, pastel, graphite mixed media on tinted paper Mounted on cradled birch panel
14” x 18”

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VI. The Lovers: The Lovers card is more complex than just representing romantic relationships (and we all know how complex romantic relationships can get). There have always been three figures in older Lovers cards. In the Marseilles deck there are two women and one man, and he must make a choice between the two. In the even older Visconti deck there is a woman, man, and Cupid, who is blindfolded and holding an arrow. In modern decks, there is commonly an angel above the man and woman, the man looking to the woman and the woman looking to the angel. The man and woman are usually naked, and some believe they represent Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Original Sin. Their nudity represents a key element of the Lovers Card: vulnerability. This card asks you to be true, revealing, and honorable to create lasting and loving partnerships. It also asks you to be loving and vulnerable with yourself, as you can only build loving relationships with others once you’ve built a loving relationship with yourself. It asks you to review how you show love to others, express gratitude frequently, and give yourself time to work through the complex emotions of love. Common meanings: choice between two things, partnership, sex, relationships, temptation, romance, exposure, vulnerability, emotions.
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