Bella Harris "Shadowed Under"

Bella Harris "Shadowed Under"

Bella Harris (St. Louis, MO)
Shadowed Under
Pastel, charcoal & graphite on Bristol paper
9 x 12 // 11 x 14 framed

Bella Harris is a self-taught artist, Online Editor at beautiful.bizarre, and a member of the Copycat Violence Art Collective.
Working with a variety of mediums, St. Louis native, Bella Harris explores the fragility, whimsicality, and unguarded emotional expression between realism and pop surrealism. With an emphasis on off-kilter portraiture, her emotionally driven works convey a sense of vulnerability and haunting individuality. Through her growing body of art and photography, she continues to render interpretatively subtle message of self-awareness and personal reflection alongside the many characteristics of a slightly stranger beauty.

Her work has been featured in Trendhunter,, beautiful.bizarre, XAXOR, Sony/Joseph Gordon-Levitt HitRECord, Saatchi Art, Wanderer Magazine, Artist A Day, Drop Your Art, Art Sanity, On1 Culture Magazine, Athenna Design, OBTRUSIV Magazine, Art Nouveau Magazine and more.

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