Autumn Rozario Hall "Goblin Fruit"

Autumn Rozario Hall "Goblin Fruit"


Autumn Rozario Hall

Goblin Fruit

watercolor acrylic

11x14 in

  • About the Artist:

    Autumn Rozario Hall is a painter, dreamer, and collector of stories. She earned her Bachelors of Arts with a double emphasis in painting and drawing from the University of Northern Iowa in 2013.
    Autumn grew up in Iowa, by the banks of the Mississippi river. And though she lived in town, she always sought the wild places, where the brambles overran the houses, and the gardens outgrew their yards. Hidden in back lots, choked with weeds, was a kind of magic. A magic of growing things. These wild places called to Autumn, and inspired her interest in folklore and art. Her paintings often contain trees, girls that aren't quite women, forgotten places, and wonder. She uses these elements to explore the human connection to the land. This connection, and the possibility for wonder, are central to every painting.