Anita Inverarity  "Winter Wandering" (Yule)

Anita Inverarity "Winter Wandering" (Yule)

Anita Inverarity 
Winter Wandering (Yule)
ink and watercolour pencil

"A time to meet and greet and give thanks with friends and family as well as cozy down for the winter-I love both the introvert side and social side of the festival. So many traditions spring to mind but I had to include some Lapland influences in my piece. The fabrics and costuming of the Saami just remind me of a fairy tale winter wonderland. I often return to this culture for inspiration. It seems fitting that "return" be a theme for Yule. Returning home, looking inward, slowing down, saving a way we have our own little hibernation habits as part of the natural cycle." -Anita Inverarity