Anita Inverarity "Saviour of the Spring" (Ostara)

Anita Inverarity "Saviour of the Spring" (Ostara)

Anita Inverarity 
Saviour of the Spring (Ostara)
ink and watercolour pencil with copper leaf

"A variation of the story which inspired the piece-
The goddess Ostara was given the task of heralding in the Springtime each year- her bells and crystals represent the sounds of the thawing snow and the tinkling of birdsong. One year Ostara overslept and arriving late she was devastated to find a little fledgling bird had died from the cold. Quickly she breathed new life into the bird and turned him into a hare with a fur coat to keep him warm. The hare had the curious habit of laying eggs, possibly from his "bird" heritage. Ostara and the hare were constant companions for many years but had a falling out. The goddess decided to banish her friend to the skies where he formed the constellation of Lepus. The hare was allowed to returned to earth each year at Springtime to lay eggs. It is said that children enjoy looking for the eggs to this day." - Anita Inverarity

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