Anita Inverarity "Children of the Corn" (Lammas)

Anita Inverarity "Children of the Corn" (Lammas)

Anita Inverarity 
Children of the Corn (Lammas)
ink and watercolour pencil with copper leaf

"I was inspired by the many traditions around the harvest and the making of corn dollies. These little effigies are worldwide in their important role at harvest and I love the different versions and stories surrounding them. A common tradition in Europe is for the doll to be made from the last stalks reaped and then it is kept and cared for until it can be tilled into the fields at the following years sowing- as an offering for a good harvest. The little harvest mouse and owl are a reminder of the circle of nature and life which I feel many cultures are referencing when they make the corn dollies." -Anita Inverarity

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