Anita Inverarity  "Brigid's Blessings" (Imbolc)

Anita Inverarity "Brigid's Blessings" (Imbolc)

Anita Inverarity 
Brigid's Blessings (Imbolc)
ink and watercolour pencil

"This is the second piece I made to honour Imbolc this year and the one which made it to the show. The simple idea of giving thanks to Brigid or St Brigid and her association with this Harvest appealed to me given her status as protector of milking animals. Imbolc is a time of baby lambs and lush greens when all around new life is bursting forth after the cold months. I had to include my favourite flower, the snowdrop. A maiden makes her way to a sacred place to give her offerings with a simple cross fashioned from twigs, the design is known as Brigid's cross." - Anita Inverarity