September 3-29

Opening September 3, 2016, 6-9 PM during the Downtown Art Crawl at Corvidae Collective Gallery.



A collaborative exhibition of new works by US artist Tammy Mae Moon & Scottish artist Anita Inverarity, "Harvest" is a celebration of the abundance of harvest times and the coming together of ancient customs and traditions or associated myths and legends.


The idea for the show began last year as Tammy Mae Moon was working on her Cherokee corn goddess "Selu" piece. Lots of ancient people had gods connected to their food source, crops and/or animals. Their spirituality was all connected to their food in one way or another as this was the most vital thing for survival. Each and every festival honored some element of the growing, planting and harvesting of food.


"I feel that as the majority of us no longer farm we have lost both this connection to the land and a growing loss of spirituality connected to this honoring of the land and food. This show is not really about highlighting Paganism as much as about observing a long human history of respecting the land and environment in a religious and highly spiritual way. I believe at the heart of our current environmental crisis is this disengagement from the land since we no longer grow our food. Anita and I want to show through the yearly festivals of the Harvest the beauty and wisdom of our ancient ancestors beliefs and practices." says Tammy Mae Moon.