Corvidae Gallery

Nashville, TN 37219

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Corvidae Gallery is located in Nashville, TN. We feature exhibitions of established and emerging artists. Our artists are world-wide, but with a focus on promoting our highly talented local community of Nashville artists.


Our artworks capture the feelings that are intrinsic to all human nature and naturally resonate with our collectors, even more so in this society that seeks to repress anything straying from a set path. Our artists work provides a way to reconnect and explore deeper emotions. We heavily embrace making the connections between artists and collectors and will always strive to put together the truest partnerships.

Corvidae is all about building a community of like-minded, intelligent people whose tastes are a little more on the edge. The community of artists we exhibit somewhat symbolize the gallery's name — "corvidae" is the Latin term for the  family of birds that includes crows and ravens. Often considered the most intelligent of birds, the corvidae family is known for demonstrating self-awareness and cooperative behavior for the common good.